Living in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country where visitors will feel at home easily. The Dutch are generally very hospitable and friendly to foreigners.  With the abundance of social and cultural activities available, living in the Netherlands can be a special and rewarding experience.


The Netherlands has a temperate climate, with warm summers and mild winters. Temperatures range between 24–30 ºC in the warmest months (June–August) and the winter temperature usually does not fall much below freezing point (approximately minus 5ºC). However, winds can be quite strong and it rains quite often, especially in the colder months.


The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch. However, English, French and German are widely understood and spoken. Expatriates who are interested in learning the Dutch language can choose from a variety of courses ranging from adult education classes organised by the local municipalities to intensive courses at language institutions.


Rental prices in and around The Hague area vary, depending on the location, from 900 Euros for a small 2 bedroom apartment to 2, 500 Euros for a 3-bedroom house with a small garden. Estate agents usually charge a commission of 6-8% of the annual rent. Rent is normally payable in advance & a deposit (usually one month's rent) is required. The deposit is refunded when your rental lease is terminated. NVM, the Dutch Association of real estate brokers, has about 2200 members. The members of this association are well trained, reputable and also offer financial advice. For more information, you can contact NVM at Fakkelstede 1
Postbus 2222
3430 DC Nieuwegein
Phone: +31 30 608 5185

The following are a few Dutch real estate agents in the Hague area who will be able to assist you with information on housing:


There is a wide range of English-speaking schools in and around The Hague area which cater to children from nursery age right up to high school. There is also a French and a German school in The Hague.

The following are some examples of English speaking schools close to The Hague:

  • British Junior School (Age 3 to 11)/ Tel: 31-70-3338111/ Fax: 31-70-3338100/ Email:
  • British Senior School in the Netherlands (Age 11-18)/ Tel: 31-71-560 2222/ Fax: 31-71-560 2200/ Email: Web site:
  • American School of The Hague (Age 4 to 19)/ Tel: 070-514 0113/ Fax: 31-70-511 2400/ Email: Web site:
  • Haagse Schoolvereeniging International Stream (Age 5 to 11)/ Tel: 31-70-363 8531/ Fax: 31-70-346 3378
    The International School of The Hague (Age 4-18)/ Tel: 31-70-328 1450/ Fax: 31-70-328 2049/ Email: Web Site:
  • Elckerlyc Montessori Primary School (Age 4 to 11)/ Tel: 31-71-589 6861/ Fax: 31-71-589 2945
    French: (Age 2 to 18)/ Lycee Français Vincent van Gogh/ Tel: 31-70-358 7111/ Fax: 31-70-358 6009/ Email:
  • German: (Age 3 to 19) Deutsche Schule Den Haag/ Van Bleiswijkstraat 125, 2582 LB The Hague/ Tel: 31-70-354 9454/ Fax: 31-70-350 2959/ Email: Web site:

Web Sites/Books

For more information about the Netherlands, we recommend that you visit the following web sites or read the following books:

  • (Dutch Tourism Board)
  • (The International Home page of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs). This page features general country information, maps and statistics with texts on Dutch society.
  • "ACCESS" is an independent, non-profit organisation in the Hague that provides services for the English speaking community in the Netherlands, including a telephone helpline, courses and workshops, counselling referral and informative publications in English. For more information, visit their web site at
  • (Expat Agency - The Personal Assistance Service for Expats)