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Annual Reports
Annual reports of the OPCW on the implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention
Conference States Parties
Search documents issued by the Conference of the States Parties of the OPCW available to the public. Browse the documents issued by session.
Access the publicly available documents issued by the Technical Secretariat from its establishment in 1997 until the present.
Executive Council
Documents of the Executive Council of the OPCW
Subsidiary Bodies
Documents from the Confidentiality Commission, Scientific Advisory Board and Advisory Body on Administrative and Financial Matters
Speeches and Statements
Speeches and statements by the Director-General and Deputy Director-General
OPCW Today
A magazine published by the OPCW
Preparatory Commission
Prior to the entry into force of the CWC in April 1997, a preparatory Commission worked toward the establishment of the OPCW and laid the groundwork for the Convention's implementation. A selection of documents from this period (1993-1997) are available on this website.