II. Session-related information

1. Participation of delegates in the proceedings of the Seventeenth Session

Delegations of all States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention are entitled to take part in all the proceedings of the Conference, including the adoption of decisions, and to deliver statements.

The delegations of Signatory States are entitled, subject to prior written notification to the Director-General, to participate, without taking part in the adoption of decisions, whether by consensus or by vote, in the deliberations of the Conference, to appoint observers to attend plenary meetings of the Conference other than those designated as private, to deliver statements at these meetings, to receive the documents of the Conference, and to submit their views in writing to other delegations.

Non-Signatory States may apply to the Director-General for observer status, which may be accorded to them by a decision of the Conference. Any such State shall be entitledto appoint an observer to attend and participate without the right to vote in plenary meetings of the Conference other than designated private meetings and to receive documents of the CSP-18.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) or his representative, and the representatives of the specialised agencies are entitled to attend and participate without vote in sessions of the Conference on matters of common interest between them and the OPCW, in accordance with their respective relationship agreements or subject to the approval of the Conference.

Representatives of other International Organisations are entitled to attend and participate without vote in plenary meetings of the Conference on matters in which they share an interest with the OPCW, in accordance with their respective relationship agreements or subject to the approval of the Conference.

2. Participation of industry and non-governmental organisations

Representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that have an interest in the activities of the OPCW and wish to attend the CSP-18 should apply to the Secretariat’s Media and Public Affairs Branch, before Monday 14 October 2013. Subject to a decision of the Conference, they may be invited to attend plenary meetings.

Before the Conference begins, the Secretariat will post an advisory note for NGOs on the website (www.opcw.org) explaining how to apply to attend the Conference.

3. List of participants

A draft list of participants will be distributed during the course of the session.

4. Meetings & Journal

The programme of the meetings will be published daily in the Conference Journal. Unless otherwise decided by the Conference, morning meetings will commence at 10:00 and afternoon meetings at 15:00. A daily programme of meetings, events and announcements will be available at the Registration Desk and at the Documentation Counter.

5. Organisation of the Seventeenth Session

The main business of the Eighteenth Session will be conducted in the plenary meetings and, if required, in meetings of the Committee of the Whole in the World Forum Theatre. Separate rooms, without interpretation facilities, will be available for bilateral meetings and meetings of the various regional groups.

Regional coordinators are requested to inform Ms Anna Morath, Conference Services Officer, of the times and locations of their regional group meetings. These will be listed in the Conference Journal.

6. Seating arrangements

A drawing by lot is held to determine the order of seating for delegations. The delegation of the State Party whose name is thus drawn is seated on the extreme left of the front row in the World Forum Theatre.

Other registered delegations are seated in English alphabetical order, starting with the seats next to those for the State Party whose name was drawn, and moving from left to right in each row.

Four designated seats, two of which will be at a table, will be provided to the delegation of each State Party.

The delegations of Signatory States, Non-Signatory States, and representatives of intergovernmental organisations, NGOs and specialised agencies will be provided designated seats.

7. Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation into the six official languages of the OPCW (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish) will be provided at plenary meetings and meetings of the Committee of the Whole only.

Delegations may deliver statements in a language other than an official language of the OPCW. In such cases, the delegations concerned will be required to provide interpretation into one of the six official languages, and to give advance notice to Mr Mechislav Remishevski, Head of the Language Services Branch, for required technical arrangements.

8. Statements in the general debate

Requests for inscription on the list of speakers in the general debate should be made in advance to the Secretariat for the Policy-Making Organs by e-mail at ContactPMO@opcw.org, indicating the preferred date and time. Speakers will be inscribed on the list on a first-come, first-served basis. Signatory States will be called upon to speak after the last State Party has spoken. Given the large number of delegations wishing to take the floor under this agenda item, a time limit of 5 to 7 minutes per statement should be observed.

To facilitate the interpretation of statements to be delivered during the general debate, delegations should provide 10 copies of each such statement to Ms Anna Morath, Conference Services Officer, well in advance of delivery, or 300 copies of any statement they also wish to be distributed to other delegations.

At the request of the State Party, statements will be made available on the OPCW website. Such requests should be sent by e-mail to the Media and Public Affairs Branch at: media@opcw.org. 

All statements made during the general debate will be webcast. States Parties that do not wish to have their statements webcast are requested to communicate this to the Media and Public Affairs Branch at media@opcw.org, in advance of delivery.

9. Availability of Session documents

One set of Session documents will be provided to each delegation in the World Forum Theatre at the World Forum. Additional copies may be requested in person at the Documentation Counter opposite the World Forum Theatre.

10. Side Events and Exhibitions

States Parties are requested to communicate their wish to organise side events and exhibitions to Conference Services by submitting a form detailing the event requirements. This form will be available at the Documentation Counter at the OPCW. Please note that side events and exhibitions are organised at no cost to the Organisation. As space is limited, it is recommended that States Parties inform Conference Services of events or exhibitions as soon as possible, and no later than Monday, 18 November 2013.

11. Submission of documents

Those wishing to organise receptions or other similar events during the Conference are requested to contact Mr Rutger van den Hoven, Head of the Protocol and Visa Branch.