Executive Council of the OPCW

The Executive Council consists of 41 members who are elected by the Conference for a term of two years. Each State Party has the right, in accordance with the principle of rotation, to serve on the Council.

The Convention requires that, in order to ensure the Council's effectiveness, it is constituted with due regard to the principle of equitable geographical distribution, the importance of the chemical industry, and political and security interests.

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Membership and Functions
A description of the Executive Council and how it does its work
Current officers and members
A list of current members organised by region
Rules of Procedure
Adopted by the Conference of States Parties at its first session on 23 May, 1997.
Executive Council Documents
Doucments from Executive Council Meetings


76th Session of the Executive Council:
8 - 11 July 2014

77th Session of the Executive Council:
7 - 10 October 2014

Nineteenth Session of the Conference of States Parties:
1 - 5 December 2014